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Serving the Berkeley Community for over 42 years

Access Video Productions is a local Production and Post Production facility. Since 1980, we have been helping make videos for small and large companies as well as for individuals. Our clients’ video work has been seen locally & nationally on: CNN, KRON, KTVU, KGO and PBS. As a small one person video production company, serving Berkeley, Oakland and the Greater Bay Area, I can create a high quality video at a good price. I can either shoot with one camera or bring a crew and shoot with multiple cameras. The master video is then created in the editing room…

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our mailing address is:
1442A Walnut St., #480
Berkeley, Ca 94709



Live Event Streaming using Create your own Free Ustream account (w/Ads) or A Paid stream (no/Ads) Invite guests to your upcoming streaming event! Make your own homepage to Archive past events!
Live Event Videography with either one camera or with several cameras to best capture the Action! We provide a Professional Crew with Sony 4K or HD video Mastered to BluRay/DVD and/or uploaded to Vimeo®, YouTube® or your website.

AVID Video Editing using the Media Composer v2021.12 software uses the latest plug-ins for video and audio effects with over 20 terrabytes of storage. Multi-cam editing is easy with our AVID system, it creates many of the effects used in the blockbusters you see today!

Our programs include documentaries from our many years in video production and some are from the past… Some of my past work was filmed in India. I hope these are both fun and enlightening… please enjoy!
We no longer transfer film or videotape to DVD as we have in the past. For this service, we would like to refer you to our friends at A1 PHOTO on University Ave. (by McGee), they are also in Berkeley. Please call them at 510-841-1233.

Sorry to say, after 25 years on Gilman St, we no longer have a studio location in Berkeley. Due to zoning restrictions regarding live/work status, we have been forced to relocate. If you wish to discuss your projects, please call me at 510-528-6044.

Dave Karp - Videographer
Our Latest 4K Sony camcorder

Our Newest Camera, 4K Sony Camcorder

Dave Karp

Dave Karp


I am 64, and have lived in Berkeley most of my life. I have travelled around the world a dozen times already... I am a videographer by profession, something I have been doing for almost 50 years... I have also been meditating for about the same time, and I have been a vegetarian for even longer... I have a newly discovered interest in clearing my mind and body of unwanted imbalances (Bug Free Mind), you may have another name for them. I am also beginning to learn energy healing (Emotion Code) and as a result have started a new website, called Truth Whispering... It's dedicated to helping change our lives and the world. Let's see what happens!