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Pre-production price is based on total number of Photos, Slides & Titles used to create your program. The charge is $5.00 per image. The streaming is charged by the half and full day, with one or two cameras.
Share your NEXT EVENT in a new way with something special for friends and family. Create a video LIVE stream program, mixing live video of your event with your photos, slides and music. Combining them together with various transitions and special effects. First gather up all your images and sort them into sections by the era, location or period of time, then choose the songs you want for each section. Period music (60’s or 80’s) can bring old photos to life. Then choose which sections will have basic, interesting or funny transitions. You can also add graphics or titles as either captions or to introduce each new section. Let your old photos add to a memorable live video to be enjoyed by all.
Dave Karp - Videographer
Our Latest 4K Sony camcorder
Our Latest 4K Sony Camcorder
Dave Karp

Dave Karp


I am 64, and have lived in Berkeley most of my life. I have travelled around the world a dozen times already... I am a videographer by profession, something I have been doing for almost 50 years... I have also been meditating for about the same time, and I have been a vegetarian for even longer... I have a newly discovered interest in clearing my mind and body of unwanted imbalances (Bug Free Mind), you may have another name for them. I am also beginning to learn energy healing (Emotion Code) and as a result have started a new website, called Truth Whispering... It's dedicated to helping change our lives and the world. Let's see what happens!