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At Access Video we us the Adrenaline system. AVID’s Adrenaline system is the industry-leading Media Composer film and video editing solution.

  Some features of our AVID software include: Real-time Multi-cam switching, Motion Tracking, Stabilization & Slow-motion effects, Pan & Zoom effect to creates video from high-res stills, Audio Sweetening and built-in Color Correction, based on the award-winning Avid Symphony technology, where one click can automatically analyze and color correct an entire sequence. This system has all the creative tools like multi-format editing support that have made AVID Adreneline Media Composer the best editor on the planet.

  The Avid hardware also provides accelerated effects processing with real-time 10-bit SDI and 96 kHz audio input/output, as well as component, S-Video, composite and DV.

  In our edit suite we also have a Mac G5 with 288 gigabytes of external hard drives and two interconnected 20” computer monitors.

AVID Video Editing using the Media Composer 8.3 software uses the latest plug-ins for video and audio effects with over 20 terrabytes of storage. Multi-cam editing is easy with our system, it creates many of the effects used today!
  Traditional editing started with the “off-line” rough edit version, where the basic shots were assembled. After the artistic decisions were made, a final on-line session was then done, usually in a broadcast edit suite to add titles, effects, and to fix the color and sound. It was cheaper to first make a rough cut and then make the “on-line” final, using a more costly Broadcast system.

  This was a very time consuming process, and after the final “on-line” editing was complete, making even small changes became very difficult and costly. And naturally, there was always going to be something that needed to change.

  Today, with non-linear editing, making changes can be quick and easy to do. Saving different sequences or versions of the same program, as it is being made, allows for more creativity and a streamlined work flow.

  Non-linear is the way of the future. And AVID is clearly the best digital editing system available. AVID lets you work smarter, not harder!

 In Video, Post-Production is where the movies are really made, creating the pace and excitement to make your video program special.

  The AVID Media Composer NITRIS DX provides the very latest in digital special effects technology. Transfer from DVD, VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8, miniDV, 3/4 “, Digital-8, BetaMax, 8mm & 16mm film, DVcam or BetaCam SP source.*

  Editing also includes audio sweetening, color correction video compositing, morphing, blue-screen keying, and video compression to Quicktime®, MPEG-4, AVI or Windows Media.

Dave Karp - Videographer
Our Latest 4K Sony camcorder
Our Latest 4K Sony Camcorder
Dave Karp

Dave Karp


I am 64, and have lived in Berkeley most of my life. I have travelled around the world a dozen times already... I am a videographer by profession, something I have been doing for almost 50 years... I have also been meditating for about the same time, and I have been a vegetarian for even longer... I have a newly discovered interest in clearing my mind and body of unwanted imbalances (Bug Free Mind), you may have another name for them. I am also beginning to learn energy healing (Emotion Code) and as a result have started a new website, called Truth Whispering... It's dedicated to helping change our lives and the world. Let's see what happens!