ACCESS can produce a video program for you or you can choose to produce it yourself. Whether you’re an experienced professional, with a work project, or someone working on a family project for fun, we can provide the right equipment and expertise needed to create a successful video.

  We can help you find the right on-camera host, voice-over talent, or background music. We can also search for stock footage or scout locations.

Have you decided to produce it yourself? The key to creating a successful video is to make a plan of your production on paper first. Who will be the intended audience? Target your project to its audience by choosing whether to distribute it on cable TV, the internet or mass duplication onto VHS or DVD? Do you need several distribution formats?

Next, you start to plan your shots and the locations on paper. Try to visit the shooting locations, looking for power outlets (lights use a lot), and set up your camera positions with the talent, avoiding windows that may be in the background. Consider hanging drapes on any outside windows to try to reduce street noise. Do you need to rent additional lights or special microphones? Make a list of all the equipment and don’t forget to bring the tape stock!   Consider any graphics, logos, photographs, or special effects that you would like to see in your project. Will there be music, voice-over, or on-camera talent/actors? Are there similar programs you can watch to know what look you want in your program before you get started?

On Location: When you get to the shooting location, you should already know where the power is. Does everyone have the directions & phone numbers needed?

During the shoot, take several shots of each scene, and if possible, make a list noting which ones are the best. Also, right after the shoot, label the files for more organized editing.